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Oracle Deck Limited Edition luxury large GOLD FOILED  Augury Ascension bird divination deck of cards tarot style. Original Artist Design . 


Augury Ascension 

This 42 card deck is Incredibly powerful and accurate

Divining omens from birds, known as Augury has been practiced all over the world since antiquity.
A person who is able to understand the meanings is called an Auspice, which is where we get the modern word 'auspicious'  

A divination deck of beautiful bird spirit guides painted by Lou Psyche using traditional and intuitive symbolism and meanings. 

These are easy to use as they come complete with a booklet explaining the meaning of each card . They are well researched and have tons of scope for ones own intuitive readings . Choose one card a day and read what it means or develop your own system it's up to you.

The sigil on the back of each card and on the front of the box is a magic spell that I did actually burn and put the ashes under the tree where John Keats wrote 'ode to a nightingale'  . This way I think the cards have real bird spirit in them . The original paintings I also took the college of psychic studies in Kensington to embed them with psychic energy too . Mad I know but true . good luck . . blessings . Lou

Augury Divination Deck Limited Edition by Lou

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